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Maziya Formal Brown Tan Wooden

I'm loving the shoes , great quality and comfort. The service was beyond words.

What an amazing comfortable shoe. Looks extremely elegant. Can't wait to get my next pair.

Maziya Blue Suede Sneaker
Tiny Lerato Tabane

Great quality beautiful shoes, my husband loves them. Thank you 🥰

Pure class

Wow what beautiful and comfortable smart casual shoes!.I really love my new shoes,such class and pure style.

Brown Croc Sneaker
Muzi Kuzwayo
Fast Shipment

Love my shoes and they arrived in 2days after my purchase. At first I was sceptical about the site and brand. But the shipment is on another level not to talk about the comfort in the shoes. Wish I knew the brand years ago. Will order another two more

Different Shoe

The quality, the accessories and presentation of the shoe is on another level

No regrets

I bought this shoe for my uncle on his birthday, he is in love with it, the quality and comfortability of the shoe is on another level. I don't regret buying this shoe and I'm definetley getting my self a pair soon.

Top quality shoes

I cannot speak highly enough of your products. They’re top quality, and I have already recommended them to many others.
I really appreciated the great and friendly customer service coupled with an incredibly high-class product. Please continue building these personal relationships with each of your customers.


The Shoes look lovely and are of the best quality, they are very comfortable and i am looking forward to owning more of the Maziya Brand

Maziya Dark Wood Loafer T77
Andile Dingiswayo
Maziya Shoes - The Best Of Its Kind

I saw the shoes online and I was impressed by their on picture appearance, I ordered them and paid full amount, they were delivered to me very quickly without delays. I was a little bit sceptical about the quality and comfortability before they got to me, but believe me I was so impressed upon delivery, they are so comfortable and made with quality material. I recommend everybody who likes formal shoes to try Maziya Shoes, you will not regret.

Great comfortable shoe

I was a bit scaptical at first because I didn't know the brand but I must say I loved the shoe. It a great shoe and I dnt regret buying it. The quality and comfortability of the shoe is top notch.

Great quality product.

The Maziya shoes are great. They are made from quality leather. I am very pleased with the product. The comfortability found on the product is on another level.